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Professional Poster Workshops

If you are an educator and have asked your students to complete a poster assignment, consider ordering a F2F or online workshop that will help them through the process. Workshops cover everything from visuals and writing to prepping for the printer.

Everything is taught using student posters as examples so your students will be able to see what works best and be able to gather ideas for their posters.

Students will also receive one-on-one feedback on the visual and textual components of their posters giving them the opportunity to vastly improve their poster before presentation.

To book a workshop or consultation, contact me at

Getting started.....

Browse these resources to help you get started building your poster. There are videos, templates and many other resources by experts in the field.

How to construct a poster

It is always helpful to see what others have done. View these videos to get some basic information about constructing a poster. There are also examples of other students who have graciously shared their posters (some in draft stages) so that others may learn.


  Choosing a Layout        Using Images Effectively          Creating Space         More to Come....


How to use PowerPoint

Even if you are familiar with PowerPoint, you may find these tutorials about basic PowerPoint functions helpful. These YouTube PowerPoint tutorials provide basic, step-by-step instruction.

Keep in mind that the videos only cover how to access and work with certain PowerPoint functions, they do not walk you through making a poster or show examples of posters.

If after viewing the PPT Functions videos you are still having difficulty locating functions or performing the actions, check the PDF PPT Functions or the GCF LearnFree website. Simply enter the action you are trying to perform in the search field.



Dimensions, rulers, guides, background   (5:44 min.)

This tutorial focuses on setting the dimensions of your poster, making your rules and guides visible and setting a background colour.


Shapes, text boxes, images   (9:13 min.)    

This tutorial is about creating shapes for your columns, selecting a colour and outline for the shape, creating a text box and inserting an image.


Copying, moving, layering   (6:07 min.)

This tutorial provides information about coping and moving an object and working with layers. Understanding layers is one of the most important useful functions when you are creating posters in PowerPoint.


Formatting, alignment   (8:01 min.)    

This tutorial provides information about formatting text for legibility and aligning objects on the page.




This PowerPoint template will allow you to experiment and get started with this software program. There are also links to templates from other websites that you may find easier or more to your liking. Keep in mind that it is important to design a poster that fits your content and does not force your content into any given template. A template is just an option. I also encourage you to try starting with a blank slate or altering the template.  

Conference Poster Template (.ppt) is a simple template to help you get started.

Posters 4 Research offer a wide range of sizes and layouts and free template downloads into PowerPoint.

Poster Genius offers a free 30 day downloadable program.